Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate

Products name:  Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate

Molecular formula: AlH2P3O10

CAS No: 13939-25-8

EINECS No:237-714-9 

Physical properties:

Non-toxic, tasteless,and white powder. Indissoluble in water, soluble in Nitric acid and hydrochloric aciddensity 2.0-3g/cm, non-toxic, do not contain chromium and other harmful metals, good adhesion and impact resistance, heat resistance strong (heat resistance 1000 degrees, melting point 1500 degrees or so



This coloring pigment is able to widely substitute conventional toxic antirust pigments such as lead red and zinc chrome yellow in the production of various prime coats and combined coating materials.With good compatibility with varnish paints, it can be used together with various coloring pigments,filling agents and antirust pigments in the production of high performance anti-corrosion coating materials. Specifically,it is applicable to the production of dissolvent type of coating materials such as formaldehyde phenol resin,alkide resin,epoxy resin,epoxy polyester and acrylic resin as well as water-soluble epoxy ester dipping paint. Besides,it is also applicable to the preparation of high build paint, powder coating,organic titanium anti-corrosion coating, on-rust paint,bituminous paint, zinc-rich primer,fire-retardant coating,heat-resistant paint,etc. 


Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate is suitable for production of water paint while Aluminum Tripolyphosphate is suitable for oil paint. Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate can also be used as a curing agent for Sodium silicate.


Antirust theory

Aluminum tripolyphosphate coating had a good anticorrosive performance. After total immersion, there was no rust, blister, crack, or flake that occurred on coating. Compared to the epoxy antirust painted samples, the studied coatings exhibited better self-healing and anticorrosive feature. When the water has penetrated into the coating, the pigments based on phosphate anions can release phosphates to form a protective layer on the metal substrate. The layer prevents the access of water and corrosion reaction to protect substrate.


Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Series Technical Data


Test items

Aluminium tripolyphosphate


Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate


Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate

Modified EPMC-II






P2O5  %






Al2O3  %








Packing and storage:

This product is packed with plastic-lined and plastic-coated woven bags or kraft paper sacks,25kg per bag. This product should be kept from breakage, moisture, pollution and contact with acid.